Charles Porter

Little Beast is the culmination of nearly twenty-five years experience brewing for Founder & Brewmaster Charles Porter. His love of the craft and background in biology led him to discover and hone farmhouse style ale. With a keen ability to harness the diverse microflora that ferment our beer and to capture their untamed beauty, Charles creates unique ales celebrated for their originality.  


Brenda Crow

Brenda is a Portland native, culinary arts graduate and expert in the business of specialty food. Working alongside and promoting farmers, fishermen, and makers, she has passionately followed her belief that great food is the essence of a good life. A Founder & Partner at Little Beast Brewing, Brenda helps guide the ship, sees to the details and spreads the love of craft food and beer.     


Paul Rey

Head Brewer and slayer of tasks large and small, Paul has been instrumental in making our Little Beast roar. A graduate of the Advanced Brewing Theory Program at the Siebel Institute of Technology, he specializes in mixed-culture fermentation, barrel-aging, and experimental beer styles and has worked at celebrated breweries such as Telegraph, Libertine and Royale. Paul's perspective in life manifests in his approach to brewing: Cultivate the unique.